• Hi
    I have a A25C water cart in NSW.
    Serial 5350V12593. The original tacho was not working and I thought I detected a signal, so bought another from volvo penta for $900 as CJD are not supplying parts for these like temp gauges and brake boosters so far. Anyway new one plugged straight in and no joy, however the rpm read out on the overhead ecu…[Read more]

  • Picked up a 1997 A25C SN 5350V9574 at auction and it seems to have the typical age related issues. Just got it to my yard today, drove it around for a bit, and it upshifts/down shifts through forward gears but when backing up if you are fwd-reversing a couple times eventually it will not engage reverse. Shut it off/start it up again and away we…

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  • The rear drive shaft let go and has knocked a hole in the transmission housing and unfortunately we not only got a new drain hole in the transmission, but also a nice long crack running to the matting surface between the trans and the transfer case. So she has got to come out. Does anyone have a procedure I can refer to with my mechanic to perform…[Read more]

  • Need some input on a heating issue we’re having with a Bell B40C (SN:BAT3958-98) that we just had the engine rebuilt in. The truck has started heating when pulling/returning from pulling a load but is otherwise fine.

    The problem goes something like this:
    – Check out the truck crank and warm up = no heating issues
    – Sitting in line to be…[Read more]

  • Caterpillar 950 73J3158M.

    I have just found a crack several inches long in the transmission housing, just above the rear tailshaft.

    At some point in its life, something bad has gone wrong with the trans or engine mounts causing it to sit way too low and one universal joint to just slightly rub on the trans housing, and two trans bolts to rub…[Read more]

  • ajinkal started the topic Cat 926m won’t lift in the forum Wheel Loaders 1 year ago

    I have a 2016 926m with 3000hrs and the bucket won’t lift all the way up with a full bucket anymore.I used to be able to load Tri-axles with full buckets but now it’s short about a foot.it only goes all the way up with 3/4 half a bucket of dirt. Any suggestions.

  • ajinkal started the topic Ed's 77 Terex 72-41 in the forum Wheel Loaders 1 year ago

    Starts and runs, but has a few issues before it’s ready for work. The emergency brake valve next to the seat was leaking and wouldn’t build pressure, I got a rebuilt one locally. The valve in front of it had a broken lever, also got a new one. I’m thinking it’s a 4WD switch, not sure. I have a parts manual coming today, no service manual…[Read more]

  • What can you guys tell me about these loaders, i can’t find much info on the net, i think they were bought out. I know it has 3 cylinder John deere diesel motor, other than that not much. Any ifo much appreciate Thanks Brent.

  • ajinkal started the topic The Ultimate Loader?? in the forum Wheel Loaders 1 year ago

    Similar to the other Ultimate machine threads, what features or improvements would you like to see on a wheel loader if you were to design it no holds barred?

  • A guy down the road has a JD track loader sitting in his field. I may be looking to buy it. There are no exterior markings, all I could find was the model and serial plate. However, it’s not a model I’ve heard of. The plate reads as follows:
    model #810-820
    Serial Number: 2194

    Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  • Hi everyone, I am new to this forum and look forward to possibly contributing in the future.

    The question I have is, I just bought a 2012 Caterpillar 287C2, is there anywhere i can look up the specs and options on this particular machine by just entering the serial number.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Greetings, What are you guys that are in the know using for trans fluid in your old case 1450 loadrs? Also curious what you’re using in the finals. Thanks much for any well informed input on this.

  • I have a 287b high flow xps that the right side drive motor locked up. If the machine is reved up all the way I can make it bump forward and backwards but only a couple inches both directions. Prior to this happening it ran fine but has always been sluggish. My questions is that inside of the drive motor is their anything that will just lock it up…[Read more]

  • I just brought home a 1963 IH 175. When I first went to look at it I was immediately impressed at how straight and clean it was and how it didn’t seem to have any wear in the loader joints and the control linkages. It had been sitting for 3-4 years after the previous owner got a new machine and my understanding is that it was just used around a…[Read more]

  • I’d like to get a 24” bucket for my 580M to increase capacity. I’m mostly clearing/enlarging small creeks which involves wide, shallow digging. The creeks are in the woods so there are lots of roots. I also clear a lot of trees. I never do any trenching. I’m looking at a 24” bucket that I can either trade in my 18” or buy outright. Is there any r…[Read more]

  • Dear friends this site has helped me very much in the last year+ I’ve been coming here for advice. Youexperts told me how to get the cap end off of cylinders (torque and peening). Now the backhoe New Holland 555e (year 2000) is very herky-jerky in all hydraulics except locomotion- drives forward and reverse well. That’s everything from steering…

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  • Hello, I just brought this 310d home and was having some issue with the brakes sticking. When cool the brakes are fine and I’m thinking they were never sticking just forward drive failing. When on a flat the machine will barely move forward but goes backward perfectly. What would cause this? Anything to check?

  • Have a John Deere 310SE. Just recently the brake pedal does not return or come back up once pressed.
    Any thought or why this would happen.

  • I’m getting some dripping at the front of the engine so have ordered a new water pump. I specifically asked for any/all gaskets to be included….. and of course, the pump arrived yesterday, with no gaskets.

    Implicitly I know it needs one…..but, the guy said it was all part of the replacement kit so that infers there isn’t one. They’re…

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  • ajinkal started the topic Prime dirt pans in the forum Scrapers 1 year ago

    We recently bought a couple 14 yard prime pans. 1410 model. Apparently prime is out of business. Just trying to find a spec sheet on these pans. Mostly trying to figure out the weight. They look very similar to he Reynolds 14C so that’s what I’m going by. If anyone has an old brochure laying around it’s be appreciated. Thanks

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